Best Tips to Make the Perfect Pumpkin Painting

Best Tips to Make the Perfect Pumpkin Painting Č Pumpkin painting brings out the child in all of us. As a child, I remember playing with my siblings and doing all the dad’s jokes. It would be so much fun to turn on the pumpkin paint and see my painting faces layout on the jack-o-lanterns. I was not the only one who enjoyed the tradition. You can bring out the child in everyone and enjoy your favorite holiday tradition. There are so many options for this tradition that it will not be hard to sample all of them. It is important to start painting early enough for the colours to dry properly so that you can enjoy the final Halloween party you planned.

Here are some tips to help you with this tradition.

polish your brushes and sponges for best results

It is important to start the paint on the pumpkins first. This will allow the paint easier to spread onto the face that you are painting if the face is quite thin. If you start on a full size pumpkin you will have to use a brush and sponge to get the spread effect that you want. If you use a brush it will make the paint lay further onto the face and will be less work as you have less control over the results. Remember – we want the final result to be a surprise!

lather up any areas that have already been painted with a lacquer or some type of waterproof finish

Tip – When you have finished painting you can bring out the permanent top coat to the pumpkin. The use of a permanent glossy finish will make the finished project look darker and more glossy. หนังทำรายได้ If you do not want a shiny finish and do not want to use the permanent glossy finish, you can use your fingers to very lightly sand the non-glossous sections. This will create a rough surface that is easy to clean as well as a respectable surface.

Figure out where you want to use the pumpkin for individual items and cut the pumpkin accordingly

While decorating the pumpkin follow these layout suggestions: Now you have an overall layout draw the outline on the pumpkin. Use a template to draw the outline. หลุดนักศึกษา DO NOT Paint the outline – you will want to cut the pumpkin shape as well. Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the shape out and lay the pumpkin on the paper. Use tape to attach the pumpkin to the paper and now you are ready to paint.

At this point you should decide how many face will be on your pumpkin. You may decide to make all of the pumpkins you have made identical so that they will be all looking the same. You will have a huge number of jack-o-lantern faces on your pumpkin. เงี่ยนหี It is up to you whether you will make them the same or different. If you do some basic face painting that is relatively easy and employ the index finger ( chic florist ) to draw a basic face, then this will have an effect on how your Halloween jack-o-lantern jack-o-lanterns look. It certainly has the effect of utility if you choose to make some of them identical to complete sets of face. Personally I would rather make some different children’s faces with different clothes and what they are wearing on the day.

Some individuals do not want to spend the time creating all of these jack-o-lantern faces. For those individuals the surface can be painted with the same traditional jack-o-lantern design using adhesive putty.

The traditional face design will be a drawing. หนังระทึกขวัญ For something a little different, you can create a collage face or something with more eccentric features.

You can use almost any sort of white base foundation. In case you do they must be completely white or a white foundation can be used. You do not have to do any special detailing.

You can purchase the pumpkin stencils and tape them onto the face rather than do it the old fashioned way

The best advice that I can pass on about face painting is to make sure that all of the face that you are painting on is properly covered with face paint. For some the face should be completely covered completely. When you are painting the face do not go over the others too much so that the foundation is not totally covered. The base color is approximately on the cheekbones and temples and face. คลิปเสียว The other colors on the face can be a Designed face. The face should be well Yet dotted.

Dick flash is a lot of fun are not planned for face painting.


This is not a hard to do project.The key is to allow the paint to dry and not to allow the child to be able to see under the paint lines. You should think about this and apply it and get the painting finished. If it is a project for you you can use some of the ideas on the painting page or check the internet for some inspiration.