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Title: Australia Voted YES for Same sex marriage!!!
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Duration: 3:9 Published: 8 months ago Author: channel
Description: Same sex marriage is a very controversial topic in Australia the past few months.

Australian's we asked to vote whether they agree or disagree with same sex marriage as the government have spend $122 million to let the people voice their opinions on this topic.

Today was the result of Australia voting in a postal survey about same sex marriage which supports gender equality.

Some statistics mentioned in the video below:

- 7.8 million voted yes
- 4.9 million voted no

- 12 727 920 responded

- Malcom Turnbull (our prime minister) said it is a overwhelming result which means parliament NEEDS to get onto the legislation

- Yes people voted 62% and no is 38%

- The ACT registered highest percentage of 74% voting YES
- NSW had the lowest percentage of 58% voted YES
- Brisbane registered an astonishing 80% YES!
- Melbourne and sydney were 84% YES!!!

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