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Title: The Perfect Gooseys by Andrew Mudge (Drama Short Film) | Omeleto
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Duration: 16:47 Published: 7 months ago Author: channel
Description: A prep school for the junior elite has trouble accommodating an unconventional student.
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The Perfect Gooseys is used with permission from Andrew Mudge. Learn more at http://omele.to/2n1IT2q.

George attends the competitive private school Auburn Academy, where he struggles to keep up with the other students.

Auburn is a harsh, even cruel, place, full of overachievers who are often mean to the boy -- if they aren't completely ignoring him. It doesn't help that his dad is the school's janitor, either, who picks up his son in a rickety old car everyday.

But George's dad decides to stand up for his kid, showing just how far a parent will go to love and support their child -- even if it means possible further humiliation.

Director Andrew Mudge has crafted a sweet, delightful dramedy full of genuine heart and compassion. Its charming quirks -- minimal dialogue for the main characters, soaring score and meticulous and witty production design -- never overwhelm the film.

"The Perfect Gooseys" wears its sincerity and emotion proudly, earning every second of its touching finale -- and reminding us what really matters when it comes to what teach our families.

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The Perfect Gooseys by Andrew Mudge (Drama Short Film) | Omeleto


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