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Title: Extinct whales size comparison | extinct cetaceans
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Description: Another day, another size comparison video.... Because we love you all. In this size comparison video, we shall focus on extinct species of cetaceans and whales. Whales are grouped under cetaceans along with other species like dolphins. We all adore the giant sea creatures called whales, not wales cause the latter is a country within a country. Extinct whales are so many in number so we chose quite a few cetaceans from the list. The extinct cetaceans include the ancestors of all whales and dolphins, the large extinct baleen whale that is almost as large as the blue whale and also the deadly extinct livyatan whale. The extinct whale called Livyatan is on a scale and size of titanic proportions. The scale size of these whales are on comparison with the existing ones. They have been the largest creatures in the oceans ever since the dawn of mammals. In comparison with land mammals, these sea creatures dwarf them in size and scale. There are quite a few extinct whales and cetaceans that you will see from this video that you never knew existed.
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